The Leaders Coach


What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching synthesises the best aspects of business, leadership, psychology, communications, organisational development, counselling, consulting, sports psychology, and philosophy.

Why does coaching work?

  • Objectives and goals are clarified
  • Values, goals and actions are aligned
  • Individuals and teams are held accountable
  • Thinking and actions are challenged
  • Keeps the individual focused and reinforces changed behaviours
  • Is the best of many disciplines
  • It’s based on validated techniques to change behaviour

Leadership coaching also provides greater personal awareness through expanding emotional intelligence.

What learning tools can I access in the coaching process?

  • Planning
  • Setting goals
  • Making effective choices
  • Managing emotions
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Challenging limiting behaviours
  • Developing new skills and enhancing current capabilities
  • Matching the individual’s learning style to their role
  • Assessing values to ensure they are in synchrony with the individual’s and organisation’s values and goals

Self-paced learning and reflection promotes sustainable changes.

What are the benefits of leadership coaching?

  • Promotes the development of new skills
  • Fosters management and leadership development
  • Enhances interpersonal and team building skills
  • Provides career development pathways
  • Defines measureable and sustainable behaviour change

What are the key steps in the coaching process?

  • Assessment and planning
  • Behavioural change
  • Measurement
  • Evaluation
  • Maintenance

Who is a candidate for coaching?

Coaching can enhance individual and team performance in a variety of circumstances. For example:

An aspiring or emerging leader

  • With leadership traits and the drive to create future success
  • Wanting to refine leadership skills to enhance and build relationships with others

An individual with specific needs

  • Improving performance in a current position or role (e.g. team dynamics, effective communication, strategic planning, and performance management)
  • Grooming an individual for new areas of responsibility

A leader or team in transition

  • Moving either to a new role, leadership team or organisation
  • Operating in a volatile, high paced environment

What does The Leader’s Coach offer that is of benefit to me?

Our coaching services are distinctive for the following reasons:

  • Credentials: our coaches have advanced training in coaching and related areas.
  • Experience: our coaches have experience delivering coaching services across a diverse range of organisations.
  • Level of assignments: our coaches have considerable experience working with executives and aspiring leaders in a range of organisations across various industries.
  • Care factor: our coaches tailor programs to support the individual’s circumstances, learning styles and goals.