The Leaders Coach

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Having these skills refined and mixed with those traditionally associated with leadership – such as intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision – increase your ability to succeed in a leadership position, and as part of a leadership team.

This program evaluates your emotional intelligence and works to increase your level of:

  • Self-awareness – allowing you to better recognise and understand yourself – your emotions, moods, and drivers, and the effect these have on others.
  • Self-regulation – controlling impulses and moods, and thinking before acting.
  • Motivation – having passion for work beyond money and status, with energy and persistence to pursue goals.
  • Empathy – understanding of the emotional makeup of others, and treating people based on their emotional reactions.
  • Social Skills – managing relationships, building networks through the ability to build rapport and find common ground.

Inherent in its nature, this program is highly personalised and most effective in a one-to-one environment. It includes a high level of self-reflection, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable, leading to the achievement of positive behavioural changes.

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