The Leaders Coach

Transitioning Staff

A rapidly changing, volatile business environment means that organisations need to constantly re-think and adapt the way in which they do business. Some of these adjustments include employees having to either change their work methods or be redeployed to other tasks as their previous role becomes out-dated or redundant.

It is understandable, therefore, that the employees experiencing changes and disruption to their careers and livelihoods become resistant and averse to change – the process of losing a job can be as stressful as experiencing a death.

Carefully managing and working through this change and transition process allows the transitioning staff to feel secure and remain an important part of the business and workplace. Additionally, it benefits the organisation by maintaining the skills and knowledge of the business in the business.

The Leader’s Coach offers programs that manage the employee change process while integrating the requirements of the business and the needs of the employee.

Two main streams of services are available for transitioning staff: <hyperlink each stream to its relevant page>

Each service stream is embedded in proven techniques and methodologies focused on delivering a strategic, confidential, and personalised result.