The Leaders Coach

Career / Job Planning

Managing a rapidly changing, volatile business environment means managing the deployment and organisation of staff within the workplace based on the organisation’s strategy and the employees’ ability, skills, and knowledge levels.

Career and job planning allows the organisation and the employees to work together to determine the opportunities available for employees in conjunction with their career plans.

Decisions are then made as to who will stay within the organisation and who will be best suited to a new role in a different part of the current organisation – or move to a new organisation. Preparations are then made to help the organisation and employee manage these changes and re-deployment opportunities.

Our job and career program considers the current and future needs of the organisation, as well as the ability, skills, and knowledge of the employees and aims to produce a plan for the organisation to ensure adequate employees in the right types of jobs.

Scientifically based assessments are used to assist determine the precise organisational and employee needs. Self-assessments, individual profiling and skills audits are used to determine employee job and career planning.

All of our programs are evaluated on the agreed upon results to be achieved and a plan for sustained success is mapped out.